About Us

Meet the Founder

Aanandita’s fascination with the human mind and the extraordinary influence of emotion began during a workshop at Stanford University, where she had the unique opportunity to hold an actual human brain. This moment prompted contemplation on how emotions have been ingrained in the human brain long before thought and language.

This curiosity propelled her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Wesleyan University in CT, USA. Here she learnt how emotions can both be our power and our downfall, depending on how we respond to them. Working with children and adolescents in various settings illuminated how emotions and their interpretations take root early in life.

Continuing her educational journey, she earned an MA in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness. This chapter equipped her with the tools to harness emotions in her interactions with clients, empowering them to reshape perspectives on relationships and the world.

Philosophy and Approach

At UnFix, we view emotions as compasses, directing us to areas of life that need attention and change. We believe that the stories we tell ourselves shape our perceptions. Aanandita’s approach, rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, involves co-exploration to reframe thoughts and positively impact mood and relationships.

Expertise and Specialization

Aanandita’s comprehensive education and professional background uniquely position her to address an array of mental health challenges—from Anxiety and Depression to Eating Disorders and Post Traumatic Stress disorders. She is also adept at offering guidance in romantic or familial relationships. As a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, her work centres around being a co-explorer and helping you reframe how you think about the experiences you go through, and how you think about them- both of which can positively impact your mood and relationships with others.

Casilda, our Administrative Assistant

Casilda, our Administrative Assistant at UnFix, plays a crucial role in managing client inquiries and facilitating the scheduling of therapy sessions. As the first point of contact, Casilda skillfully engages with clients, ensuring a welcoming and comfortable experience right from the initial interaction. She efficiently schedules therapy sessions, taking into account clients’ availability, whether in person or through virtual links. Casilda’s exceptional organizational skills, coupled with her caring and friendly nature, make her an integral part of the UnFix team. Clients can trust Casilda to help them seamlessly through the initial stages of therapy, ensuring a smooth and supportive entry into their mental health journey.